Poachers Attack 3 Rhinos Leaving Them For Dead. But What This Man Did Next Brought Me To Tears!

People have become more aware than ever about poaching and its consequences, but the condition hasn’t really improved all that much. In March of 2012, some poachers cruelly hacked and brutalized three rhinos leaving them for dead.

Two of them survived and they were named Themba and Thandi. Themba took his last breath 24 days after his rescue. He was very weak and he slipped and fell into the watering hole and drown. He was too weak to get out. When I heard this, I just began to cry for him.

Thandi on the other hand didn’t give up and was on the road to recovery. She gave birth to a calf on 13 January 2015 at Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. This film explores Thandi and her calf’s story. It is a movie by photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn.

Part of the story is told by the vet who treated both of the rhinos and he says that the global outpouring of sentiment and help when Thandi’s story was put on the internet was incredible. It renewed his hope in humanity. Thandi was treated and began to heal, and then they find her in the bush with a perfect new calf. It’s an inspirational story and one that needs to be told to help these animals survive and to protect them from poachers.

Watch how some amazing men changed lives and made a long lasting impact below! How do you think we can eradicate poaching? Share in the comments!

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