Pocahontas Soundtrack from 10-Year-Old Wows With Every Word

Eleven-year-old Alexa from Queensland is gifted with a voice so beautiful and pure that it sounds stolen straight from a Disney fairytale. Perhaps that is exactly why the ingenious young artist opted for ‘Colours of the Wind’ from the Pocahontas soundtrack. From her showmanship to her epic range, the whole act is one that warms the heart while amazing more and more with each bar that she sings.

With feeling flowing from each word, this little songbird put forth her strongest attempt for this vital audition. Yet, no amount of pressure seemed to seep through into anything other than power put into her performance. Despite all the judges loving her, Alexa opted to join Team Delta.

Seated upon a swing, Alexa Curtis sang her heart out, delivering a touching rendition of ‘Colours of the Wind.’ Her voice resonated the familiar tune to perfection while amazing with the sheer precision boasted by this young singer. She had great things on the way during her journey through The Voice Kids, especially under the guidance of Delta Goodrem.