Polar Bear Approaches Sled Dog. I Was DEFINITELY Not Ready For What The Dog Did Next.

We’re lucky to be living in a civilized part of the world, We have rules and laws and people generally leave each other alone. Yes, there is crime, but it’s nothing like the kill-or-be killed lifestyle of nature. We’re not walking around wondering if this is the day that a grizzly bear will blindside us and make a meal out of us. Many of the animals in this video face that scenario… and still will face down anything that comes in their path, no matter how large.

For me, the very best part of the video is one of opening scenes. We see an alligator trying to be menacing toward a lioness and her cub. The lioness is unfazed… she even treats him like a toy. “Look, sweetie! If I bop him on the head, his mouth opens up! How adorable! Here… let me try again. What fun!” The alligator, on the other hand, seems very, very unamused… and will remain hungry, for the time being.

The most impressive segment, in my opinion, was where small animals drive off REALLY big animals, like bears or alligators. Not once does it cross their minds that they could easily be snack for these behemoths. That little French Bulldog chasing off a couple of bears? Wow. Also, that sled dog going toe-to-toe with a polar bear? Now that… that is courage defined. I’d faint just filming that scene.

Of course, with some of these, they are treading a close line between courage and stupidity. Like the squirrel climbing up the python or the one sitting on top of the dog? Well, the dog actually seems to like having the squirrel there… which is why he’s growling at the cat who seems intent on hitting the little guy. The truth is… as much as we’d love for everyone and everything to get along, nature is brutal. It’s survival of the fittest… and one must be fearless to survive.

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