Mom To The Rescue! Polar Bear Saves Her Baby From Drowning. BUT How She Does It? I’M SPEECHLESS!

This video is the perfect example what motherly love means, even if we are talking about polar bears! The polar bear cub runs around like a child, rolling in the snow, hesitating though to go into the water. As a child, he hasn’t learned how to swim yet.

As he is playing he slides and falls into the water when it becomes apparent that he will drown…unless of course mommy is around. The mom, Koromi, dashed immediately to save her baby getting underwater and lifting the polar bear cub out of the lake. The cub manages to grip onto the surrounding rocks and get back on the ground.

Then, the sweetest affection between them starts taking place. They both roll over on the snow and you can literally see their shiny smiles beaming with love for each other!

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