Police Commissioner Reveals Shocking Truth About Car Theft

There are plenty of freedoms that come with owning your own vehicle. While you can go anywhere you want, take fun road trips, or help your friends when it’s time to move house, there are a few things to be aware of to stay safe.

It can widely depend on where you’re parked, something you should always remember is whether you’ve locked your car doors. The Nassau County Police Commissioner, Patrick Ryder, has some interesting facts on the matter.

He mentions that car theft has risen 20% this year. When people were home at the beginning of 2020, most people stopped locking their vehicles. This caused an astronomical increase in car theft around the country.

Ryder also stated that around 90% of cars that get broken into aren’t locked in the first place. Seeing footage of how easy it is to break into someone’s vehicle is scary. It’s a sound reminder that no matter where you’re parked, it’s always a good idea to lock up.