This Police Dog Has Been Trained To Do Something That’s Pretty Amazing!

Police dogs are exceptionally well-trained and well-behaved animals, but I never knew they had the capability of learning how to do something as amazing as this!

I knew German Shepherds were known for their intelligence, but this police dog has just proven it further. This is so cool!

One member of the Greenburgh Police Department’s K-9 unit is lucky that his dog is able to respond to this amazing trick. I have never seen any dog do anything like this.

This police officer has taught his canine how to open and close the door to the patrol car and it is truly incredible to watch in action.

All the police officer does to trigger this trick is simply point to the police car. Within a matter of seconds, the dog goes running over to the car, grabs the rear passenger door handle with its teeth, jumps in the car, and makes himself comfortable.

Inside the door is a large, rubber hoop that the dog uses to grab on to with his teeth to close the door behind him.

Although this video has been circulating the internet for a number of years, it is making waves again because of just how cool and unique this dog is. The video footage has been viewed well over a million times since it was originally posted to YouTube.

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