Police Horse Is Being Retired After Decade-Plus of Work. What He’s Doing Next? Incredible.

Most of the time when we retire, we sit back and relax. There’s often plenty of time to sit and reflect on our careers. We might even take up a bunch of hobbies to fill up the free time that’s suddenly available. That might be at the prompting of some spouses who aren’t used to having their significant others around ALL THE TIME. Then there are some who still take on some work, even in retirement. One of those is a horse named Cowboy, who was retired by the LAPD after years of service. He’s shown in this video.

Cowboy has had years of meritorious service with the LAPD. He was trusted in some very high-profile situations. But like all of us, time moves on, bones get achier and the job gets harder and harder to do. So the time came for him to move on to another place, still in California. It’s going to be a lot less stressful – he’ll be at a center for disabled children called “Move a Child Higher.” He’s not being put out to pasture, but it’ll be a lot calmer.

The reason that the LAPD loved Cowboy as a training instructor is the same reason that he was chosen for Move a Child Higher – his patience. He would tolerate all these policemen who were learning the ropes… and didn’t have a clue what they were doing. He’ll be helping children with disabilities. This is a responsibility that a horse who was assigned to watch sitting Presidents should be able to handle breezily.

Like I said, retirement doesn’t mean having to suddenly stop what you’re doing. Cowboy is still going to be helping people, though the people that will be riding him aren’t going to have to be worrying about potential attackers or terrorists. It’s not like this horse was totally aware of the dangers that his job put on him, but he’ll probably like the lack of crowds and yelling people. Then again, he might come to miss that…

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