Police Officer Does The Impossible To Save This Pit Bull From Death, I’m In TEARS!

It’s very common for police officers to come across stray dogs while they’re on duty. After all, we’ve seen many proof that there’s a very serious issue regarding stray animals and animal cruelty in general, and there’s still much to be done to keep these animals in safety.

In the touching video we will show you right below, we see the story of how a police officer from Tampa, Florida, rescued a stray pit bull that was on the verge of death. He found the poor pup looking very skinny, almost emaciated, and since he didn’t have a microchip and he hadn’t been neutered yet, it was clear that he had been astray for a very long time, and maybe for his whole life, even.

Deputy Noah Johnson took the dog with him after finding him and he proceeded to give them a revision in the veterinary, to see if there was something else that might be wrong with him. After learning that he couldn’t possible have an owner, Johnson got worried, because if he did not have a microchip it meant that he could be eventually euthanized if put in the system for stray animals, so he made sure he got back to safety.

You can watch this incredible act of kindness in the news story right below here!

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