A Police Officer Was Killed In The Line Of Duty. Watch What His Dog Did At His Casket…

Back in 2013, a K-9 dog police officer called Figo watched as his human friend and partner died in the line of duty. Officer Jason Ellis died after being ambushed violently while on a mission in Bardstown, Kentucky. One can only imagine the horror and confusion that the dog must feel; even with the training that he’s received, there’s nothing that could’ve possibly prepared him for this.

Law enforcement officials participated in a parade rest to honor Officer Ellis after his funeral. A very powerful and emotional picture from this even went viral, in which you can see how Figo put his head down in respect and reached his paw out to the casket to salute his friend for one last time. The moment is so strong, it put me in tears abruptly just by watching it.

The following video tells the full story of officer Ellis and his brave K9 partner, and you can see how Figo approaches his best friend’s casket and reaches out for him. The best part is that after the ceremony, a police car was modified so that it became a memorial in honor of officer Ellis, and everyone in town paid their respects.

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