Police officer made a final act of kindness

Almost everybody has seen or heard the phrase “To Protect and Serve”, these are powerful and meaningful words especially to those who put on the uniforms and spend their whole lives trying to make a better world. It is a great honor to join the police forces, men and women working together to guarantee public order and security. Unfortunately, not everything is a fairy tale in these jobs, there’s always a big risk involved when you have to face dangerous situations every day on the streets.

We have seen many times in the news how these noble men have fallen trying to protect the physical integrity of other people. Such is the case of Jeremy Henwood, a police officer that not only took care of his obligations but also served as an example of a wonderful human being. This is a story that will give you a new perspective and make you reflect on the way you are living your life right now, so pay attention and keep reading.

As any other policeman, Jeremy took a little break from duty to get a decent meal, the nearest place was a McDonalds so he decided to stop there and buy some food. While he was giving his order to the waiter a young boy approached him, judging by the appearance of the boy he seemed like he was passing through a rough time. The kid started to talk with Jeremy and asked him if he could give him 10 cents to buy something, in response the officer asked him “What was the money for?” and the kid’s answer was “To buy cookies”.

Few people are willing to help others when they ask them for money, especially if there are prejudices and doubts about the use they are going to give to this money. But instead of just giving away the 10 cents Jeremy bought him directly the cookies he wanted so badly. After this kind gesture, he said goodbye, grabbed a soda and walked out of there to continue his journey.

Sadly, minutes later after the officer left the building he was shot while he was sitting inside his patrol car. The crime was really incomprehensible, but the fact that he had just returned from Afghanistan and after serving two tours in Iraq with the U.S. Marines makes everybody wonder about the kind of world we are currently living in.

The surveillance cameras got everything about the final act of kindness from this heroic man. In an interview, the little kid Daveon expressed the last words in his interaction with Jeremy: “What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an NBA star. Well, you got to work hard for that. Thank you”.

Hundreds attended to his memorial and stories of his life were shared on that day, but it was only the final act of kindness that truly showed how big his heart was. If you want to watch the full report about this story just click play on the video below and be sure to share it with your friend.