Police Officers Were Driving In A Heavy Storm. But What They Saw On The Road From Their Car? OMG!

Police officers do their best to protect and serve the citizens of their nation. Over the years, they have rescued many of us from danger – even when they were off duty. They have helped everyone from little kids to old grandparents. They have even rescued animals from some horrible situations as well. These public servants have proven time and time again that they are here to protect and serve.

And as this video shows, sometimes they have to help wild creatures too. Two officers from the Kansas City area managed to help get a deer back to safety. The confused deer had gotten itself stuck on a bridge during a thunderstorm.

The police officers drove up to the bridge and their dashboard camera recorded everything that happened next. The deer was frightened and couldn’t stand up on the road by herself. She even launched herself into a concrete barrier to jump over it. Luckily, the cops arrived right on time to aid her. It was so scared on the slippery bridge that it couldn’t get its footing and ended up getting a foot stuck in a drain cover.

The police officer walked up to her and got her foot out, and then she trusted him and he walked with her to the end of the bridge where she took off into a grassy field and took a rest in front of the Firefighter’s Memorial. And hour later, she was gone.

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