Police Rescue 526 Puppies From Cruel Breeder. A Year Later? I Can’t Stop SMILING!

Only last year, a dog trainer by the name of Victoria Stilwell became an incredible hero when she stopped the operation of a doggy farm that had been doing their dirty work since the 80’s. After the whole mess had been resolved, about 526 dogs had been taken from the horrible cages in which they barely survived, in the puppy mill. They were taken to a local animal rescue center to try and give them all a chance of a happy life.

What’s most inspiring about this video is seeing how the entire community comes together on adoption day to give this puppies a home, and through their amazing combined effort, they were able to give each and every single one of them a new permanent home.

And what manages to bring a little bit of peace to my heart is the fact that the cruel people who had been operating the puppy mill received the proper punishment for their heinous crime, resulting in being found guilty of 25 charges of animal cruelty, accounting for 25 years in prison. After they serve all that time, they’re going to know the importance of a proper life, and animal rights!

You can see the full version of this amazing story in the video right below.

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