Police rescue 526 puppies from soulless breeders and 1 year later I can’t stop smiling!

Last year, a dog trainer by the name of Victoria Stilwell was heralded as a hero when she fronted the strategy that led to the bust of a massive puppy mill. The illegal facility had been working for the past 30 years, thanks to Victoria; the horrible actions have come to an end. The puppy mill closed and 526 amazing dogs were rescued from the unspeakable conditions.

It was an incredible amount of puppies, but now every single one of them has the chance to be adopted by a real family and lead a life filled with love. That is why they were brought to a large shelter and assisted in finding a forever home. The most amazing part of the story is that the heartless people who were running the puppy mill were caught and given 25 years in jail. Now maybe they can endure some horrible conditions for themselves!

There was a massive community effort to put together a huge adoption day to try and best serve the saved animals. The people responded amazingly, and thanks to all of their help, every single pup got a forever home. The surprising part of this story is that one year later they ALL gathered together to celebrate the huge rescue that saved so many lives.

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