Police Save 526 Puppies from Horrible Breeder. A Year Later? I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Back in 2014, Victoria Stilwell turned herself into a hero when she completely halted a puppy mill from operating by herself. She was only a regular dog trainer, but she alone was able to stop an illegal dog farm that had been operating since the 1980s. After everything was said and done and the culprits had been busted, over 500 puppies had been rescued from the farm, from living in hellish conditions.

Thanks to Victoria, the puppies were able to have a chance of a happy life and finding a home that would give them the conditions that they deserve to live in. Illegal dog farms are awful because they always work with an excess of dogs, and disregard their comfort, happiness, and safety completely in favor of profits. Thanks to Victoria, this horrible facility won’t operate again.


Six weeks after the puppies were saved was a momentous event. The puppies were all rehabilitated, new puppies had been born to the pregnant rescues and all were happy and healthy. More exciting than that, the community came together as one to ensure that every single dog saved got a new, fur-ever home. People were literally lined up in the streets, camped out overnight, to adopt their new fur-baby.

It is hard to believe that this story can get any better, right? Well, guess what? Every year, this amazing community now has a reunion party. They come from far and wide to bring their treasured rescued pooches to celebrate life.


This is probably one of my favorite rescue stories. All thanks to Ms. Stilwell and her extraordinary efforts to involve the entire community and save hundreds, upon hundreds, of dogs and puppies. A story worth watching over and over again.

Police Save 526 Puppies from Horrible Breeder. A Year Later? I Can\'t Stop Smiling!