Police Save 526 Puppies From A Terrible Breeder And One Year Later, I Can’t Stop Smiling

In 2014, a woman named Victoria Stillwell became a hero when she alone stopped a puppy mill operation. She was just a dog trainer, but that didn’t prevent her from putting a stop to an illegal puppy mill that had been breeding puppies nonstop since the 1980’s. When it was all over and these horrible people had been stopped, they counted over 500 puppies that were rescued from horrible living conditions.

Because of Victoria’s heroism, these puppies have a much better chance at a good life and finding a home with the proper conditions for them to thrive in. Illegal dog farms, or puppy mills, like this one are terrible for so many reasons, but especially because they have too many dogs in the space and no regard for their comfort, happiness, or safety. They only care about making money. But fortunately, Victoria made sure that at least this one horrible facility won’t ever operate again. These owners deserve the maximum punishment available for serious animal abuse.

How is it possible to find homes for 526 puppies? Well, it wouldn’t have been possible at all if not for the community’s help and Victoria’s leadership. The community came together and had had a huge adoption day for the puppies and found every last one of them a forever or foster home! It was such a huge success that the town now commemorates the day every year.

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