Police Were Too Slow: Family Had To Act Fast To Find Abducted Relative Before It Was Too Late

They say you shouldn’t take the law into your own hands, but that’s exactly what one family in Louisiana felt compelled to do, saving the life of a relative who’d been abducted by an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Bethany Arceneaux was picking up her 2 year-old at a day care center in Lafayette, Louisiana when she was abducted by Scott Thomas, her former boyfriend and father of her child. Witnesses saw him violently force her into his car, though at least leaving the child behind. The police conducted a search but only found Thomas’ abandoned car. Bethany’s family decided that with her life obviously in danger, they had to mount their own search: there was no time to waste.

When Bethany’s relatives approached an abandoned house, they heard her screaming for help. Later, Bethany reported that Thomas told her, “As soon as they kick the door in, I’m going to kill you.” It was one of Bethany’s cousins who kicked the door in. Thomas began stabbing her. The cousin was armed and fired several shots at Thomas, hitting him and allowing Bethany to get away. Bethany was badly shaken and had suffered multiple stab wounds but was released from the hospital a couple days later. Scott Thomas subsequently died of his wounds. Bethany’s hero cousin shouldn’t face any legal trouble. Louisiana law is very clear on the matter: in a situation where someone could legitimately use force to defend themselves, a third party can use force on their behalf.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a news report about this case. There’s an interview with a relative and also a dramatic photo of Bethany Arceneaux being rescued.

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