Polite Dachshund Wipes Her Wet Feet After Coming Inside

There are a ton of reasons why people love to own dogs. They’re gentle nature and unconditional love could make just about anyone fall in love. One little Dachshund even knowns a few unique tricks.

While it’s not uncommon to teach your dog how to follow basic commands, Dixie takes things to an entirely different level. Just like any other dog, this adorable Dachshund loves to run around outside and get her paws dirty.

The smart pup would watch her owner wipe their feet on the doormat just inside their front door. Without hesitation, the precious little dog mimicked her owner and brushed her paws off on the mat.

Pawprints can be a hassle to clean up continuously, Dixie’s parents no longer have to worry about it thanks to her useful trick. She still has a few other commands to learn, but it’s safe to say she’ll have them down in no time.