Political pundits get shut down by guest call from Mom

C-SPAN can be exciting at times, especially when interview guests are confronted with surprises. That was the case when brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse received an unexpected call from their mother during a ‘Washington Journal’ appearance.

As soon as the caller starts to speak, the one brother puts his head down and says, “Oh God. It’s Mom.” She says that’s right, she’s his mother. She said she disagrees that all families are alike, and the other son on the split-screen starts to laugh.

Their Mom says she doesn’t know any other families that are fighting at Thanksgiving. Her boys have different philosophies on government which leads to some tumultuous times around the dinner table.

Mom really zings them when she says, “I was very glad that this Thanksgiving, you were supposed to go to your in-laws! And I’m hoping you’ll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas!”

She continues, “I would really like a peaceful Christmas, and I love you both.” The boys are speechless as if they were reprimanded. The Mom obviously still has a hold over them, and they respect her deeply.

The newscaster asks the mother what it is like to raise these two boys. She says, “Well, it hadn’t been easy.” They all laugh together. Her son responds, “No truer words have ever been said! We love you, Mom!”

He asks their mother if she is Republican or Democrat, and she responds, “Democrat, just like my two boys. But I have split my ticket occasionally!” The boys thank her for calling and tell her they love her.

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Political pundits get shut down by guest call from Mom