Pomeranian Asks For Belly Rubs In The Cutest Way, And It’s Heart Melting!

After a long day of running around, playing, and having tons of fun, there’s nothing dogs love more than laying down and being pet by their favorite human friend. Most of them are fine with any kind of petting, but belly rubs are very popular amongst our canine friends.

Some dogs even go as far as asking for their rubs in the cutest way, like Jinxy, the adorable Pomeranian in the video below. He sports a very short trim that’s not very common in this usually fluffy breed of dogs, but it makes him look even more adorable.

After getting belly up for his human mother, he starts waving his front paws intensely, trying to call her attention and make her rub his little belly. The way he keeps insisting on more and more is just too cute for words! I love the face than he makes when he’s getting rubbed, too. Jinxy is definitely enjoying himself, and as you’ll be able to see in the clip, he gets so excited that his brother Riley, a pug, tries to take over on the petting, but Jinxy seems to get it all himself!

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