Pomeranian Pup Wants Belly Rub in The Worst Way. Her Reaction? I’M IN LOVE.

There are fewer things more tenacious than a dog who wants something. They will whine, beg, nudge… you name it. Wearing you down is the name of their game and they are masters at it. Once they indicate that you’re the target of their tenacity, you might as well buckle down, because it’s going to be a long night. Unless you give in right away… then it’s a short one. But giving in all the time’s not the best example to set for your pooch. Unless he or she looks like the dog in this video.

Jinxy is laying on a bed, demanding a belly rub. She has just been groomed and wants to continue being spoiled. Mommy wants none of it at first, but Jinxy lays there, flapping her front paws up and down like she is begging. Mommy can’t resist and pets her a little bit and then looks to walk away. Nope. JINXY WANT MORE. JINXY GET MORE. The video ends before we find out if Mommy ever successfully walked away or if she’s still there today.

Dog obedience websites or books tell mommies and daddies to not always give into their babies’ demands. With all due respect, these sites have never had to deal with someone like Jinxy. She would get these writers to be down on their knees, petting her. I’m sure of that. A dog with a personality like hers is very hard to resist.

Did the mommy set a bad example for Jinxy? On first glance, yes. But then again, we don’t know the previous dynamics. Maybe she’s been super tough on her the past week or two and this is her way of assuaging her guilt. Jinxy might always have run the show (this is the most likely scenario). In any event, it was still a very cute video.

I might have to cover my ears if I ever meet Jinxy. Pomeranians are LOUD. What did you think of the video? Let us know!

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