Pomeranian Starts To Hop Around In Pool With Twin Boys. Their Reaction Is Priceless.

Pets and babies form some of the most potent cuteness to ever appear in videos. It can be distracting, though. You’re thinking the whole time: “Who is cuter? The baby or the pet? Man… this is hard. Wait, what happened? I was distracted trying to figure this out.” Then you have to watch it several more times. That’s not the case here with this video of a dog and two twin baby boys. The twins win.

The video shows a Pomeranian and twin baby boys sitting inside an inflatable pool that’s acting like a playpen of sorts. The pool has no water in it. Mommy is standing nearby and she’s holding up a treat that the doggie wants. She stands on her hind legs and is jumping up and down in the pool. Well, this is the best entertainment EVER for these twins. Their peals of laughter are like music in the video.

These twin babies can’t get enough of this Pomeranian jumping up and down in the inflatable pool. It’s the BEST thing they have seen in their very short lives. Then again, I’ve lived a lot longer than these babies and I think this doggie’s jumping up and down is really darn cute too. Not the best thing ever, but well worth my time to watch. I love the sound of their laughter. It’s quite infectious.

Pomeranians are generally very excitable, but this one stays carefully away from the babies even while begging for the treat. He knows how close or how far he is and never is in any danger of running into them or knocking them over. The twins are enthralled with what he’s doing. If he gets the treat, everyone wins. It’s a good way to pass the time with the babies, at least.

Who did you like more in this, the Pomeranian or the twins? It was hard for me to decide. Tell us in the comments!


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