Pooch Ditched Home Months Ago. Everyone Tried Catching Her, But One Small Girl Saved The Day.

It’s always hard losing a dog. The time you worry, the time you search, the worry for their welfare- it’s all a bundle of stress. An animal you love so much goes missing it’s a shock to the system. A major shock to the system, full of not great feelings and guilt. To lose one of your best buddies in the whole world because of carelessness, that’s a blow to emotional state on a whole bunch of levels. With the help of Hollister Animal Lost and Found and one young girl, they managed to rescue her from her wandering.

Daisy had been adopted by a man who didn’t care for her near as much as he should have. The dad of Daisy lost her only two days after adopting her. Yet, she was wandering, alone, and cold relying on the handouts of strangers and scraps she could find for 2 whole months. After the dog, had been spotted in a field, help was alerted, only to be unable to capture her.

The Facebook moderator of H.A.L.F. or Hollister Animal Lost and Found Diana found herself in a tricky predicament. The dog was within eyesight, yet they couldn’t seem to get close enough to contain her. To successfully bring her inside, warm her up, give her some food, and wash the anxiety off. Just when everyone else had given up, the most unlikely hero is found in the actions of one 6-year-old girl. I was full of shock and awe by what she did!

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