Pooch Throws Astoundingly Darling Fit. All For The Sake Of Dad Not Sharing The

I believe the popular turn of phrase, for this situation, would have to be “sharing is not caring.” Dog tummies weren’t meat to eat fast food. Unless it’s dog specific. It’s not a treat if it’s terrible for them and will only serve to make them feel worse. When dad goes to get fast food, he brought back enough for himself and partner. Yet it seems one little dog simply doesn’t care. He doesn’t believe they aren’t going to share their food at all! Not out of contempt or scorn- they just care about the digestive track of their little pups.

He proceeds to throw one of the most adorable tantrums I’ve ever seen. Dad does the introduction into the scenario. He went to get fast food and his dog just won’t quit whining. Insistent as the day is long. Yet, she doesn’t just whine, she’s decided to choreograph a fighting movie while begging for some fast food. Dad remained steadfast in his resolve.

He assured his beloved Peach, there was no way it was happening. He couldn’t do that to her poor stomach. The ending result would not be enjoyed by anyone. It’s possible they have tough enough stomachs for other things, but heavily processed foods aren’t good for you. So, this dad made the right choice, as sad as it was. Peach certainly became quite the precious pup. Did you see how fast her legs moved?! Quite amazing, indeed.

She drove herself crazy, running around in circles. Jumping up and down, dancing over her brother. What did you think? We’d love to hear from you. Please share this beautifully hilarious moment with a friend or family member, give us a “like” on Facebook and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts and feelings in the section below. We appreciate you.


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