Poor And Abused Puppy Makes An Incredible Recovery After Being Covered With Superglue

In a decent world, helpless animals would always be treated with dignity, respect, and unfailing love. Unfortunately, there are seemingly heartless individuals scattered throughout are society who lack the empathy and care to feel when an animal is truly suffering.

When this puppy named Pascal ran into a group of abusive boys, they decided to use Pascal for their own personal and twisted enjoyment. These boys decided that they wanted to see what would happen if they covered this poor puppy’s fur in glue. Over the next few days, the glue began to harden and collect dirt and other small objects on his fur.

Thankfully, Pascal was soon found and taken in by the good and loving people at the animal shelter. They immediately began to clean him up and assist him as he started on the road to a full recovery.

This video is a testament to how we should never turn a blind eye to the abuse of those less powerful than us. We should always be ready to stand up

and stop those who would do such horrible things to animals. If you were as moved by this story as we were and want to help make a difference for poor and abused animals everywhere, then please share this story with your family and friends.


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