Poor Baby Kitten Gets Stuck In A Tree! What His Mom Goes Through? OMG.

One of the most enduring images over the course of time is a cat being stuck in a tree. If it happened in Ancient Egyptian times, they probably had to bow down and pray to the cat, since they were worshiped. In modern times, firemen probably spend as much time climbing trees to rescue stuck kittens than fighting fires. Given that cats have very sharp claws, they probably prefer battling flames any day.

Then we have this kitten who giddily climbs a tree and then realizes that it’s a long way down. His mother cat, who is at the base of the tree, senses her baby’s predicament. She scales the tree with ease and attempts to grab the scruff of kitty’s neck to carry him down. Easy, right? No. Then this video would have only been 10 seconds long. Baby clings to the tree, making it impossible for mommy to lift him. If we could understand what he is saying, it would be “Mommy… if you drop me, it’s a LONG WAY DOWN! I’M STAYING RIGHT HERE!”

Mommy cat tries this twice before she goes back down to the ground, where she stands with her mouth open. She is probably trying to figure out what MacGuyver would do in this situation. While she mulls her next step, kitty suddenly realizes: Hey, if I imitate what Mommy did, then I can get down.” Sure enough, after a couple of moments of trepidation, kitty lands on the ground safely and bolts to the house. The mother is not in the picture anymore, but she’s probably following him while muttering, “Kids…” under her breath.

Of course, we all knew that the kitten was going to get down safely. They weren’t going to show one where it gets turned into a pancake. We also feel the mother cat’s frustration, since there have been times when we want to help our own kids and they let their fears overtake them. The mother cat was probably saying, “Do you think I would put you in danger? Do you? Oh please… I’m outta here.” Cats only have so much patience.

I was in tears watching this video… from laughing so hard. What did you think of it? Leave a comment below!

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