Poor Beagle Sits Alone In Animal Shelter Stall. This Video Had Me Bawling At The End.

Walking into an animal rescue shelter is hard. You’re bombarded with a wide array of cute doggie or kitty faces. They all seem to sense that you’re a chance for them to have a forever home. The problem is, unless you just won a lottery and have a mansion with hundreds of rooms, you’re not going to be able to take them all home. Passing them over is rough, but this video, which stars a beagle named Suzie, shows how much worse it is for them.

Suzie is an adorable dog. I’m amazed that people don’t scoop her up the very second that they walked into the shelter. That isn’t the case, though. She gets to watch people walk by and not give her a second glance. I want to grab those people and ask them what is wrong with them. She begins to lose hope and even lays on the floor. Then a young girl walks by. She disappears. Then she returns and looks right at Suzie and beams. Then we see the two of them snuggling in a bed.

Believe it or not, these shelter dogs do know when they are being passed up. They realize that the stalls or cages near them are emptied out and they are still there. It has to be very demoralizing. Unfortunately, that discouragement may make them droop more and make them look even more unappealing. They don’t know that wading through 1,000 no’s is worth it when they get one yes.

Suzie was lucky. A kind-hearted girl came by and picked her up. Not all dogs are going to be that fortunate. Especially if they live in a high-kill shelter, that stall might be their final destination. It’s a cruel fact of life at these places. They can’t save every dog or cat and there’s a lot more of them out there than the space allows. Hopefully this video will nudge some people to go out and make a difference.

I was very moved by the end of the video. How about you? Wasn’t it sweet? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the section below.

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