This Poor Bear Was Locked In A Rusty Cage For 30 Yrs. Her Transformation is Remarkable

Humans are often very cruel towards animals, sometimes for profit, no matter what price the animal has to pay. They capture, sell, and even end up killing them. Just take, for example, the bear featured below.

When Fifi arrived at a Pennsylvania Roadside Zoo 30 years ago, the poor cub was forced to perform confusing tricks along with the other caged bears. After the zoo closed down more than 20 years ago, Fifi suffered in a tiny cage that had nothing more than a rundown doghouse for shelter. The poor bear was thin, her coat was dull and dirty, and she suffered from untreated arthritis.


Thankfully, The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescued her in July 2015. She was taken to the Colorado facility, where she finally received the care and the habitat that she deserved. After just five months at the sanctuary, Fifi transformed into a totally different animal than she was before!

Fifi was in captivity for thirty years, and after just five months in The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, she is truly a bear for the first time in her life. Her transformation is nothing short of a miracle. Her coat has filled out, she has body fat to fill out her frame and keep her warm while hibernating in winter, and her legs are getting stronger every day.


For the first time in her life, Fifi can actually hibernate in her new, comfy den, like a real bear. She’s still moving slowly, but thanks to these amazing rescue efforts, she gets to be the bear she deserves to be. Watch this heart-touching transformation below!

This Poor Bear Was Locked In A Rusty Cage For 30 Yrs. Her Transformation is Remarkable