This Poor Blind Dog Was Thrown Away By His Previous Owner

It is no secret to anyone that we love dogs. Dogs are wonderful companions and we definitely feel that they are the best pet to have, or at least one of the best. We simply love our dogs and would do almost anything for them.

When it comes to our fur babies we just love them to death. From the minute we bring them home we consider them a member or our family and expect them to be treated as such. We spoil our pooches and we don’t care who knows it!

Unfortunately, not everyone treats their dogs this way. There are some people who are heartless and abuse, neglect and even abandon their dogs. That is how this video came to be made. This video features a Golden Retriever named Kanga who is a special needs dog. Because of a congenital defect he lost his sight and he also has deformed front paws, we believe that this is the reason why Kanga’s previous owners abandoned him on the beach.

This poor pooch was all alone and clearly scared but luckily for him, his story has a happy ending. He was rescued and is now living with his new best friend named John. John and Kanga do everything together and we just love how this story has a happy ending!

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