Poor Bull Lived In Chains His Whole Life. Now Watch Him Perform His Dance Of Freedom

When it comes to animal treatment, cows and bulls often get the short end of the stick. There are some places where they are forced to stand in one spot for years, cruelly chained and penned in. It’s a sad sight to see these animals have absolutely no quality of life. Some people care. That’s why we see this video of an animal rescue organization came in for one particular bull.

The bull knows that this is a kind person who is there to rescue him. People think that cows and bulls are dumb creatures who have absolutely no awareness of what’s going on around them. That’s the furthest thing from the truth, as you can see. The bull is frantically licking and nudging his rescuer as he unchains him. Then the moment that really makes the video: He does a kind of dance of joy — the bull, not the rescuer. After a few moments of this, he’s loaded up and sent to a sanctuary, where he’s able to bond with the rescuer even more.


I still can’t understand the thinking of those who are behind these deplorable conditions. Though one can presume it is all about money. They see these cows and bulls as assets and nothing more. Their goal is to wring as much out of them as they possibly can before discarding them for the next one. It’s a sad cycle, and one that I wish could be broken. Rescue groups like this are one way of going about a solution.

It’s hard to fathom what’s going through this bull’s mind. He’s been chained for so long, and then it has this open space where it can roam around. There’s an intelligence in his eyes when he’s gently butting heads with the rescuer. He knows that without him, he’d be right back where he was before. He has hope, which is something he didn’t have in large supply before. Hopefully, he leads a long, free life.

Poor Bull Lived In Chains His Whole Life. Now Watch Him Perform His Dance Of Freedom