This Mama Horse Cleverly Teaches Her Foal How To Jump

Horses are magnificent creatures. They are graceful, strong, and bold. But sometimes even these gorgeous creatures can suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Take, for example, the little baby colt in the video featured below has some doubts about crossing over this wall. His mom overcame the hurdle in her way, but the poor guy couldn’t bring himself to follow his mama’s path.

The colt was intimidated by the prospect of the small stone wall in front of him. When the video begins, he is wandering and looking kind of lost by himself. Mom is nearby but on the other side of this low, rock wall. But just when you think he is giving up, something truly incredible happens.


He looks like he’s going to just wander in the other direction, rather than tackle this wall, but here comes mom to save the day. His helpful mother comes back to get him, and they walk away from the wall at first. I wondered what this mama horse was going to do, and then I saw she had a plan.

Mama got a running start, and her colt followed her, and together they cross the obstacle with no problem. As soon as mom hopped over the wall, the foal followed right behind her. This simple gesture by that mare really brightened up my day. Don’t miss this equine jumping lesson in the video below.

This Mama Horse Cleverly Teaches Her Foal How To Jump