That Poor Deer Was Tangled In Someone’s Christmas Lights, Until This Couple Spots Him

One morning when Valentine family went out to their backyard, they got quite a shock in the form of an unexpected four-legged visitor. At first they couldn’t see what was wrong with the poor animals, and then the problem came to light, literally. The poor couple did not expect to see a wild deer, much less one that was tangled in someone’s Christmas lights. That’s not your everyday occurrence! But they noticed quickly that the deer was entangled and panicked, desperately struggling to get free, but only making the situation worse.

The lights were knotted around his legs and antlers, and the deer was fully trapped, it seemed. He looked terrified of the situation he was in, which is understandable. He continued to struggle and the couple knew they had to help him. They worked out a strategy and thought they could do it without endangering themselves or the deer, but they had to calm him down first. Thanks to the amazing couple, this deer got the help he needed. They knew that the deer could really injure them with his antlers in a matter of seconds, but thankfully, they didn’t give up and the deer seemed to sense that this couple was there to help him, not hurt him. This rescue was truly beautiful!

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