This Poor Disfigured Pony Was About To Be Killed, Until A Woman Interfered & Did THIS! AMAZING!

We often call ourselves animal lovers, but a lot of us hesitate and shudder when we see a disfigured animal. Not every person can handle an injured and disfigured animal themselves. It takes a special person with courage and a big heart to foster these creatures. The woman featured in the clip below, Gillian McCulloch, is one of those people. She’s got a heart as big as Texas and she proves it by taking in a pony that no one wanted, just because of the way he looked.

This amazing woman rescues abused and neglected horses and gives them a new lease on life. A Welsh pony with a severe disfigurement was brought to Gillian one day. The pony was knocked down by a car nearly four years ago and because of the consequences, she suffered a broken neck. Her chances of survival were slim and she was about to be euthanized.

But the pony’s owner got worried about her safety and thought there might be another option, and she asked Gillian for some help. Of course, Gillian took her in and cared for her. Her vertebrae is visible to the side of her neck and she carries her head down, so to work with her, they had to get down on her level and let her see them.

Eventually the horse was comfortable being touched and groomed. She started to gain weight and they thought it was due to the good food, but they later found out that the pony was actually pregnant. What follows next is beautiful beyond words!

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