This Poor Dog Gets Anxious During Car Rides. Wait Till You See What He Does To Calm Down! Adorable!

We have all been through situations where we feel a little uneasy and apprehensive, and need to hold onto someone to get through it. May be a plane or a roller coaster ride? Some people can also feel pretty anxious when driving in a car. The adorable pooch in the video is one of those uncomfortable souls.

But luckily for Tommy, his dad Adam is there whenever he needs him to be. Every time Tommy gets in the car, he reaches for his owner’s hand. Adam even tried to put him in the back some time ago, but the poor animal started barking and crying quite a lot. Adam says that Tommy is a lot calmer when he is in the front. Thankfully, Adam doesn’t hesitate holding onto his friend’s paw either.

Watch the video. Isn’t that dog adorable?! Let us know what you thought about this video in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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