This Poor Dog Gets Scared When The Car Starts Moving. So What He Does Next? How Adorable!

Do you remember that time you rode the roller coaster and had to hold your friend’s hand to steady your jittery nerves? We have all been through situations where we feel uneasy and anxious and need to hold onto someone. For the little pooch in the video, driving in a car is a total nightmare. The poor guy feels really nervous whenever he gets inside a moving vehicle.

But fortunately, Tommy’s owner Adam is there for him whenever he needs him to be. Every single time he starts driving, the dog reaches for his hand. Adam doesn’t seem to mind holding his paw. He even tried to put his dog in the backseat, but he says that Tommy started barking and crying a lot. According to him, Tommy is a lot calmer when he is in the front.

In this clip, Adam is driving and he’s set the camera up to film the dog’s reaction when he lets go of his paw. Tommy is quiet, but he looks a bit nervous. He’s an adorable dog and looks like he might be some sort of spanial mix. He’s got his harness on and is ready for the ride in the car, but still looks anxious.

He immediately starts pawing at Adam’s arm when the car starts moving, and even though Adam says no, he reaches for Tommy’s paw. Aww! Each time he lets go the reaction is the same. Tommy paws at his hand or his arm. It’s not enough to be touching Adam. Adam has to hold Tommy’s paw in his hand. It’s adorable.

Watch the adorable video below and let us know what you thought about it in the comments!