This Poor Dog Got Lost Far Away From Home. When Her Owner FINALLY Found Her? Tear-Jerking!

Pets tend to be pretty depressed when they get separated from their family. The same can be said for humans as well. Losing your pet can be a painful experience for anyone. This is exactly what a family from Manhattan went through when their dog ran away from the sitter while the family was away.

The family and their friends searched for the dog, Bella, for a long time. The owner did not even go to work for two whole days to search for her. They printed out flyers, activated an amber alert, and even called some local shelters in hopes of finding the pooch. For a few days, they  had no luck, but they never gave up hope.

Finally, they found the little girl in Queens, NY, which is a fair distance from Manhattan. The owner says that he never lost hope of finding her. It’s not clear in the video how he found her, but she is on a leash with the person who found her. Bella looks like a Boston Terrier and she’s actually still a puppy.

She is so excited to see her beloved owner that she can’t be still. She wiggles her way into his arms, jumping up and giving him no choice but to pick her up. Their reunion is a very happy one. It’s heartwarming to see them back together again and you can see how much they love each other.

Watch this touching video below! Did this reunion make you cry? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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