A Poor Dog Was Hit By A Car On The Streets…You’ll Cry When You See What The Rescuers Did!

Hope For Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization that works day and night for the wellbeing of animals suffering on the streets or in shelters. This amazing establishment has successfully carried out many rescues to date. It was established by Audrey and Eldad Hagar and together they have been fostering hundreds of animals for the past eight years in their home.

One day they received a call to help a stray pit bull which was in need of rescue. They found him right away when they arrived on the scene. The poor guy was nervous but the rescuers tried to lure him in with some food. They named the pit bull Danny. The pooch was hit by a car and had a few bruises, but nothing so serious. Thank heavens for rescuers!

Eldad and his friend Shannon from Bark N’ Bitches went to rescue this sweet pit bull, and cheeseburgers helped them earn his trust. He was very hungry and was soon eating from Eldad’s hand, as all of his rescues to eventually. This pit bull was easy to find and capture, a change for Eldad I’m sure.

Getting him in the truck was pretty easy, but he didn’t jump, and he was heavy. He has a few bruises from being hit by a car, but otherwise he was in good health and was soon ready for a forever home. He’s a real sweetie and didn’t bark or attempt to bite the entire time.

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