This Poor Dog Was Left To Die In A Desert. But What Happens Next Is SO Touching It Made Me Cry!

This video is a rescue story about a dog dumped in a desert to die. J.J Woofin’ Paws Rescue Agency is a non-profit organization that rescues and re-homes dogs from high-kill shelters which is based in Southern California. They received a call about a dog that was found wandering around a rural dirt road in the Palmdale desert.

When they approached the cocker spaniel, they couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female because it was so matted. Their gut told them it was a girl so they named her Dorothy. She was in a horrible condition, her legs were matted together and her fur was full of dead bugs, sticks, and wires. She had many wounds on her body.

When they took her home, she never stopped wagging her tail and her eyes told a very clear story. She was the sweetest dog and seemed to know what a crate was. She went in the crate where she felt safe. She had sores on her body and cried when they tried to touch her, and she had a painful looking growth on one of her eyelids.

They took her to the vet the next morning who treated her. She had to be sedated to be shaved and bathed, which took over an hour. They removed one pound of hair. She also had an eyelid surgery and the wounds on her body have healed over time. After her bath, she was a completely different dog. She began to trust and was so happy to be clean. She was adopted in a loving forever home soon after!

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