This Poor Dog Lived Alone In A River Bank For Weeks, But When THIS Happened, I Was Crying!

Hope For Paws is one of the most amazing animal rescue organizations I have ever come across. Eldad Hagar is the definition of an angel. The following video shares with us one of their incredible rescues featuring a scared and abandoned German Shepherd. The sheer number of unwanted animals in the world just breaks my heart, and Eldad and his team are doing everything they can to change this.

When they received a call requesting this German Shepherd’s rescue from the Los Angeles River, they immediately went to the site. But the canal ran for miles and they had no idea where to begin the search.

They didn’t give up though. After searching for 30 minutes, they finally found Adrienne’s hiding spot. It is heartrending to see the poor dog getting love and care after such a long time of neglect.

To capture her Eldad quietly came up behind her and slipped the leash over her. She fought a little bit, and actually looked to be in pretty good shape for a stray. They earned her trust with their trademark cheeseburgers. Her hunger was stronger than her fear. Adrienne is one clever dog, and I’m sure she could sense these people were here to help her.

At the center, Adrienne quickly fell in love with Eldad and started making new canine friends. Her gratitude is heartwarming. She lays down in one of the beds and looks like she can finally relax for the first time in a very long time.

Watch Adrienne’s rescue in the video below and let us know if it touched your heart in the comments section!

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