Poor Dog Who Was Locked Up In Barn Gets Rescued And Groomers Cut Off 35 Pounds Of Fur

When a pair of dog groomers from Tennessee got a call from a concerned citizen about a dog being kept in a barn, they agreed to help. They probably weren’t expecting to find such a sad situation. The dog, Lazarus, had been kept in a barn stall for who knows how long.

“From the looks of the dog and the door it looked like it had been a while,” says C., one of the groomers, who requested her name be kept private.

The two had to shovel away dirt and feces just to get the door open. What they found inside was a dog with a massively overgrown, and filthy, coat. They brought him to their shop and cut off nearly 35 pounds of hair.

Lazarus took a little while to warm up to the groomers, seeming unsure of what to expect from them. But after they got him trimmed up, and liberally treated with sweets, he got friendly.

“He was OK with the human touch but didn’t seem familiar to it. He warmed up to us really quick. Especially after offering treats,” says Jessica Kincheloe, the other groomer involved.

Now, Lazarus lives in a foster home arranged through the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. He’ll stay there until he’s ready to be adopted to a forever home.

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