This Poor Dog NEVER Experienced The Kind Touch Of A Human Hand. But When THIS Happens? MOVING!

Puppy mills are often considered to be run on inhumane practices. According to the Humane Society, it’s hard to regulate or outlaw puppy mills because it is not easy to tell if breeders are mistreating their dogs from the outside. There is no way we can be certain. But I am sure even the mills’ owners will agree on the fact that they are more concerned about profit rather than the dogs.

Meet Harleigh. This little dog was initially petrified of her rescuers. She was full of fear, but after an hour with the kind people, her demeanor changed. This poor girl spent her life locked in a small wire cage, producing litter after litter of puppies. She had never experienced the kind touch of a human hand. She never knew love or warmth. It will no doubt take us some time gain her trust, but it will be worth it for sure.

The volunteer in this clip stayed with Harleigh for an hour, just holding her and petting her. He also brought in another Chihuahua, a male named Harley, and held him too. He is also a puppy mill survivor, but he seemed less afraid and approached the volunteer on his own.

Once the volunteer put Harleigh down, she ran to the corner of her kennel, but he waited patiently, just sitting, while she decided whether or not to come to him. She got close and sat down, he petted her gently, so this is big progress. But after he left, she was terrified again. It will take time for her to heal, but she will find love and will have love to give.

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