This Poor Dog Was About To Be Put Down. When A Groomer Shaved Off His Fur, It Saved His Life!

When Charlie was found on the side of the road wandering the streets, his fur were all matted and dirty. He was brought to a LA Area Shelter by his rescuers. Even though he had a space to spend few days in this shelter, unfortunately it was too crowded and a high-kill facility. So, Charlie would have been put down if he wasn’t adopted quickly.

But everything started to look sunny when this Hollywood Grooming stepped in and decided to give Charlie a makeover.

At first Charlie looked like he was just out of a mud bath. Even though he was given a bath, he still looked a lot dirtier. But after his make-over – my jaw dropped. Two days later Charlie was adopted and taken to his forever home.

If you watch this video, you will see this amazing transformation of Charlie who was once a stray dog. A simple makeover changed his entire life. This video is truly amazing. We’d love to hear from you!


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