This Poor Dog Was About To Be Put To Sleep For NO Reason. But Now He Gives The Best Hugs!

Meet Robin. This poor pooch was scheduled to be euthanized because of a suspected leg injury. We think that’s a poor reason anyway, but it gets worse!

An animal control officer picked him up as a stray after he was sighted wandering aimlessly round a neighborhood. When he was picked up by the officer, he seemed to be limping quite clearly on one of his legs.

He was taken to a shelter, but at one point it did not look like there would be any happy ending… Luckily for Robin (we love the name!) he was rescued a frightening five minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized!

Vet Ranch went on to neuter him and then took x-rays of his weak leg. They found out that his leg actually wasn’t damaged at all. Why he’d been limping remains a mystery to this day. Perhaps he was trying to get ‘the sympathy vote’!

In time, Robin was well on the road to recovery and it wasn’t long at all before he got himself back into great doggy shape. The purple lesions around his eyes and stomach went away on their own.

It heart-stopping to think that he would have been euthanized for no reason whatsoever if it wasn’t for his timely rescue.

With a little help from his vet friends, he is now ready and bristling for his forever home. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that he gives the greatest hugs?

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