This Poor Dog REALLY Wants Daddy’s Food And Won’t Eat Her Own. His Solution? LOL!

Some pets are finicky eaters. If you buy them a different brand of pet food than they normally eat, they’ll turn their nose up at it as if you brought in something from a trash heap. Actually, some pets would be happier if you gave them food from a trash heap. It can make you want to pull out your hair. Then there’s this dog, Luna, that we see in this video.

Luna has watched her daddy cook and decided that she only wants to eat food made by Daddy. More specifically, she wants food from the oven made by Daddy. So that’s what he does. He takes her food bowl, puts her dog food in it and then puts it in the oven. To add authenticity, he turns on the oven light so that it looks like it’s cooking. Luna is watching all this with rapt attention. Dad punches in some numbers. He’s really just setting a timer. When it dings, he takes it out and she wolfs down the food, none the wiser.

Is this such a bad thing? Of course not. He’s just taking the steps necessary to make sure that his baby girl eats. It’s better than giving in to her wishes and possibly doing long-term damage since some foods are dangerous for dogs. Sometimes I wish we could be fooled the same way. “Oh, sure, honey. This is really pizza again for the 85th straight day…” and it’s really a salad.

All in all, the winner here is really Luna. She gets fed, she’s happy, and she stays healthy. Dad’s a close second. He gets to avoid being badgered for his food. Then again, she may still look at him with puppy dog eyes while he has a meal since dogs tend to forget that they ate 10 seconds ago. This is a case where a little white lie is worth the aggravation. It’s not like she can read that he’s really punching the timer button. If she can, then he’s got a wholly different set of problems: She’ll be able to tell when he’s going to take her to the vet by reading the calendar.

This video was so cute. Have you had to fool your dog like this? Leave us a comment below on what you had to do!

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