This Poor Dog With Skin Condition Stares At Walls At Shelter. What Can Lift His Spirits?

I had to keep this video from my son, since the name of the dog that we see here is Oso, and my son loves a TV show called “Special Agent Oso”. I don’t want to have to even go into explaining that this is a dog and Oso is a bear… Anyways, it’s a sad story about a dog being handed over to a shelter because of his skin condition – a mixture of alopecia and pyoderma. Fortunately, “Inside Edition” was hoping to rectify that situation.

Poor Oso. He just spends his time on the video staring at the wall. He’s feeling tremendously down about the fact that his owners – I don’t want to call them family because family doesn’t do that to a loved one – dropped him off at this shelter, which, judging by the peeling paint, is in dire need of funding. What will it take to get him to feel better? Well, one volunteer there was willing to put in the time to boost his spirits.

Oso was starting to come out of his shell at the end of the video, but it was still baby steps. Can you blame him, though? I’d be crushed if I was suddenly dropped off at a shelter due to curable skin conditions. Perhaps this occurs in an alternate universe where dogs rule the world and humans are their pets… that would be some kind of poetic justice. I don’t think there was a “Twilight Zone” episode with that theme, but there should have been.

The sad thing is that his owners didn’t even want to pay for his treatment. Who knows what kind of financial situation they may have been in, but it still feels cruel that they would do that. Hopefully, this dog wound up getting into a forever home soon after this episode aired. With the exposure that this show likely generated, hopefully he was adopted very soon afterwards and got into a forever home.

I felt so bad for Oso. What do you think about his owners abandoning him? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Could you also please “Like” us on Facebook? Thanks!

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