This Poor Dog Was Stolen From Its Home; When I Found Out Who Stole It, My Jaw Dropped!

As you know, PETA is supposed to be an organization that supports animals. But when video footage allegedly shows PETA employees stealing this puppy from its home and later killing it that same day, we have to ask, why?

A website called claims that PETA stole Maya, a happy and healthy little dog, from her family’s porch while they were out of the house in October of 2014.

Video footage allegedly shows PETA backing up a van to the family’s porch and then throwing biscuits to the little dog to try and lure it off the porch. The website claims that PETA wanted it to leave the property so they could legally claim that Maya was a stray dog “at large.”

But when Maya loyally stays on the porch, one alleged PETA employee walks onto the property and grabs the dog.

When the family got home, they desperately searched for their beloved dog. And when they checked the security footage, they believed Maya was taken by PETA. They claim they recognized the woman in the video because she had frequently visited their property as a representative of PETA to talk to them about Maya.

The family called PETA but the organization denied that they had Maya. When they told PETA they had video of the employee stealing their puppy, PETA hung up the phone. Minutes later, they claim that a PETA attorney called the family back and told them that they had killed Maya.

Are you outraged by this story? Tell us what you would do if this happened to your pet in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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