This Poor Dog Was TERRIFIED During Her Rescue. I Cried Like A Baby When I Saw What Happened!

Hope For Paws is a prominent non-profit animal rescue organization that works really hard for the well-being of animals that suffer on the streets or in the shelters. They deserve a round of applause for what they do!

When this organization received a call one day about a scared homeless Golden Retriever, they wasted no time in getting to the place to rescue her. But no matter how hard they looked, they had no luck finding the dog. It took five days just to spot her!

The Golden Retriever was being fed by some kind people, but she wouldn’t allow even them to get close to her. She really panicked and got scared, and these people called Hope For Paws for help. It seemed impossible to catch her where she hid under a parked train car. But together Lisa Arturo and Eldad managed to catch her and get her out.

But when she finally got rescued, her reaction towards her rescuers is so precious! They named her Clarabelle and took her for a medical treatment and a bath. She was taken in by Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue, and she is waiting for her new forever home now!

Wait until you see her after her rescue. She is, like all of Eldad’s rescues, in love with Eldad and she’s so friendly and loving. Her health was good and she is now ready for a loving forever home.

Watch her touching rescue in the video below. Let us know how you felt watching it in the comments section!

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