This Poor Doggy Misses His Mom While She’s At Work. What Dad Does To Soothe Him? Cute!

Dogs have the ability to love beyond what most people would consider possible, and it’s always in a completely unconditional way. They can shower anyone they meet in kisses and cuddles, and they will never ask for anything more than some neck rubs, or a little bit of food perhaps, in return for their unending loyalty. And when you’re feeling down? They’ll give you anything they can to cheer you right up!

The small Boxer dog in the video below is named Harvey, and he’s not having the best of times right now since his human mother left for work in the morning. He cannot contain his sadness anymore, and he can’t figure out if his beloved human will ever come back from the outside world.

His dad feels for the poor, lonely doggy, and he understands that he needs his mom, so he decides to call her on his phone and put her on speaker, so that she can give at least a few words to the sad puppy. The little guy gets a bit confused, but it’s clear that he loves the sweet gesture.

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