These Poor Dogs Get Rescued From Their Owners’ Hot Cars! How Can People Be So CRUEL?

We’ve seen countless videos that prove us dogs are the best friends a person can have. But sadly, not everyone gives them the love and care that they require to live a happy and peaceful life. This story shows us a very irresponsible case. The Georgia Police Department got a report saying that there were dogs locked up inside their owners’ cars in a Home Depot parking lot.

Officer Holland says that the dogs were panting heavily, and seemed very disturbed by the heat cumulated inside the cars. The sadder part is, it’s not the first report that they’ve gotten of dogs being trapped inside hot cars, in broad daylight. The temperatures were of almost 100° degrees outside, and it’s much hotter inside the cars, even with the windows cracked.

The following video was posted to raise awareness about this important issue. Most dog owners don’t mean any harm to their pets when they’re doing things like these, but it’s very urgent for them to know the danger that these poor pups are in when they’re in high temperatures.

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