This Poor Elephant Was Inhumanly Chained For 50 Yrs, You’ll Break Down When THIS Happens! OMG!

The elephant featured in the video below is called Raju who has been chained with inhumane cruelty for all 50 years of his life. His past is traumatic and full of grief. Ever since he was born, Raju has been kept captive and tortured on a daily basis. But when the North London based Wildlife SOS heard about his state, they rushed to his aid. I will never understand how a human being could do this to animal.

After hearing Raju’s painful story, Wildlife SOS immediately flew to India with a team of ten charity members, twenty Forest Department Officers, and six policemen. They wanted to rescue him from his horrible plight. The poor guy had been sold and bought countless times and he presumably had 27 owners, who obviously didn’t treat him well.

But thankfully, now he has some hope. In this clip, you will see a man removing not only chains from his leg, but huge spikes that dug into his flesh when he moved. These were used to control his movement and stop him from fighting back. This man fearlessly removes the chains and spikes while huge Raju lies patiently.

At the end of the clip, we see a new Raju. He’s in the sunshine fanning himself with leaves, and his leg has healed. Beautiful Raju is free, as he should be, thanks to these kind people.

Watch Raju’s story in the video below and let us know your thoughts on animal cruelty in the comments section!

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