This Poor Elephant Was Left All Alone. When You See The Friend He Makes? Adorable!

Life can be very harsh for wild animals, because they’re always at the mercy of anything that may hunt them. And it’s not just animal predators, but humans as well, who put them in danger. In South Africa, there’s a place called the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, who as the name suggests, adopt rhinoceros to protect them from poachers who hunt them for their horns. On the clip, however, you will see that they had a different friend this time. A baby elephant, called Ellie, who was left behind by her herd.

He had to be kept in special conditions, because of his health. Elephants are very social beings, so she was in desperate need of a friend to keep her company. Thankfully, there was a doggie by the name of Duma, who was very happy to meet him. As soon as they see each other, you can see how they’re going to be great friends for a very long time. Ellie definitely cheers up after he meets Duma! It’s always lovely to see animals of different species getting along just fine. Makes you wonder how people manage to not get along between themselves!

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